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How it works

The best matchmaker

When we meet in person, we intuitively connect with some people. It is magical when that happens and in a moment, a lifetime of friendship gets started. It is difficult to describe a perfect match in words and is easy to show when you meet the perfect one. Banihal takes research from neuroscience about human decision making and the rich data from profiles to create those magical introductions.

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Faster Connections

Connect faster

Communicate with messages and voice calls.

We really connect with someone when we meet them in person. We would like to message and have voice calls before setting up a meeting and with the Banihal app, you can instantly start messaging or have calls with the people you approve. Your phone number or email is not used. Start communicating.

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Smarter Profiles

Building confidence

Transparency is the bedrock of a long relationship.

Banihal uses technology for instant verification of contact details of every profile. We validate employment and education through social trust. This information is transparently shared with all members and encourages everyone to validate their information.

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