We are a multi-disciplinary team with a common goal.

Our approach

Everyday, people look at newspaper ads and online profiles or go to parties to meet that one person who would be their life partner.

Most of these products are focused on collecting the data or profiles of people rather than focusing on finding a match where people get married quickly. At Banihal, we let people create a profile and also capture the things that make you unique and your personal likes for a partner. This personal profile is inspired by the way the human mind likes someone so that we want to spend our life with them. In the search for getting married, people are looking for that one person to commit to and we want to make people meet that special someone. Overall, we believe that a personal profile can help connect people to each other in new, unique, and valuable ways.

Our product

Our development approach is inspired by making the tools that help you meet that special person.

Each aspect of Banihal.com is built so that you spend your valuable time meeting that right person sooner so that you start building a great life together. We use your role model and your recommendation data to build a personal assistant that is looking for you in all the profiles on Banihal. Banihal also allows you to build a beautiful profile page that you can share with others outside of Banihal and make a great first impression. These profile pages are easy to share and they have your photos and contact information. Banihal is the fastest solution to complete your matrimonial search.

co-founder and CEO

Ishdeep Sawhney

Co-founder and CEO Banihal

Ishdeep Sawhney is co-founder and CEO. Prior to Banihal, he was a software engineer at Apple for 3 years, where he focused on kernel and icloud data syncing. He worked on the engineering team for the first iPad and also iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Before that, he was at Microsoft for 6 years working on Midori in the Technical Strategy Incubation team and Windows Mobile.

Ishdeep's past experience also includes developing the idea for Fone+ at Microsoft to take Windows Mobile into emerging markets. Ishdeep completed his entrepreneurship study at Stanford GSB Ignite. He has a MS (Computer Engg.) from NCSU and BE from Bangalore University. Ishdeep is passionate about making marriage a successful and fun-filled experience. The most important thing was to meet someone where getting married would be obvious. Banihal was created to change the world with this simple idea.

co-founder and CTO

Upender Sandadi

Co-founder and CTO Banihal

Upender Sandadi is co-founder and CTO. Prior to Banihal, he was a software engineer at Microsoft for 14 years, where he focused on kernel and distributed systems. He worked on the CE kernel and has made significant changes on the Phone OS to make it scale from low-cost phones to high-end devices. His work resulted in 4 awarded patents and 16 pending patents.

Prior to Microsoft, Upender worked in Boeing developing models for avionic subsystems. His main interests are in big data, machine learning, distributed systems. He has a MS (Electrical Engg.) from University of Washington (Seattle) and BE from Osmania University (Hyderabad). He is married with three kids and settled in beautiful Pacific Northwest. He is passionate about bringing a radical change to how we search for the perfect match and Banihal is a perfect avenue for this effort.

VP of Engineering

Raghavendra Uppalli

VP, EngineeringBanihal

Raghavendra Uppalli is VP of Engineering at Banihal. Raghu has more than 15 years of software engineering and management experience, having worked at Sasken, MCNC/RTI, OPNET and most recently at Riverbed. As an Engineering Manager at Riverbed, he led a team that created Network Topology and Application Path discovery that is a core part of Riverbed’s Performance Management product suite. He has 8 granted and 3 pending patents.

His areas of interests include machine learning, neuroscience, distributed systems and computer networks. Raghu has a MS in Computer Networking from NCSU and a BE in Computer Science from SJCE, Mysore. He is married and lives in Cary, NC with his wife and two children. Raghu sees tremendous opportunity and application of his interest areas in making matchmaking and matrimony a stress-free and successful experience. He is passionate about bringing the service first to the Indian population via Banihal.


Dr. David Cheriton

Prof Computer Science Stanford University

Cheriton is currently a computer science professor at Stanford University in California. He founded Kealia Inc. and Granite Systems, both of which were acquired, and is now a co-founder of Arista Networks, which builds high-speed switches. Cheriton's students Larry Page and Sergey Brin convinced him, along with Andy Bechtolsheim, to invest in their project, which became Google. Forbes has nicknamed him the "Professor Billionaire."

We are always looking for talented people, especially developers and designers. Please send us your resume at jobs@banihal.com.