At Banihal, we strive to make profile creation and verification a very easy process for you.

Profile Details

How do I create a profile on Banihal?

How many photos are allowed?

  • You can upload upto 20 high quality photos to your profile
  • Your photos are shown to other Banihal users only on approval

My profile is not showing in search results

  • Only approved profiles are shown in search results
  • You can view your profile status in your profile page
  • If your profile stays pending for more than a day, please contact us

Profile Verification

What data do you verify in a profile?

  • We verify email address, phone number, education, employment, and income details
  • You can view your profile verification status on your profile page

What is profile endorsement?

  • In addition to profile verification, we also support endorsements from your profile.
  • You get to nominate your friends or family and we will take care of the rest to ask them to endorse your profile
  • Profiles which have endorsements get more visibility

Contact other Banihal members through messaging or voice call for free!

Real time chat

How do I send messages to my contacts?

  • We support real time chat between you and your contacts on both browser and android application.
  • You can access all your conversations and chats from messaging screen.

Are there any limits on instant messaging?

  • We don't impose any restrictions on message length but use your judgement to keep conversations civil and responsible.

Voice call

How do I initiate phone call with my contact?

  • From the call screen, you can initiate phone call as long as both you and your contact have enabled voice call support.
  • At any time, you can revoke access to voice call from a contact.

Why can't I call all my contacts using voice feature?

  • Currently voice call is only supported between two android devices

It is your profile. Share your way!

Share your profile

How do I share a profile?

  • You can select share option from the profile page to share the profile via email.
  • On mobile devices, you can also share the profile to installed social plugins such as facebook, whatsapp etc.

What happens when a profile is shared?

  • If you are sharing a profile via email, we will send a brief summary of that profile to the email address you provided.
  • Person who receives this email can view the public profile by following the link provided in the email.

Public profile link

What is a public profile link?

  • Every profile in Banihal gets a unique public profile link.
  • Example: Simran profile

Can I change my public profile link settings?

  • Yes. You can enable/disable public profile link from your settings page.